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Benefits of Selecting Chandelier to Bring Elegance in Your Décor 



While decorating home, lighting is not only seen as a source of light, but they are also seen as decorative items to compliment your interior design. Chandelier is a branched lighting hanging from a ceiling. Having a chandelier as a lighting fixture will boost the aesthetic look of the room. Also, it has a long history of being used in medieval times at palaces giving your home a royal touch.

Sofary provides luxurious, designer and high quality lightings fixtures at affordable price; we provide a variety of options for our customers to choose from. One of our lighting designs is the ring light, it has five or six ring crystal chandelier suspended light, which brings a modern feel to your home. This chandelier brings in an artistic look at staircase, living room, dining room or foyer.

Selecting types of lights plays a crucial part when it comes to home decoration. The types of lightings can be divided into chandelier and ceiling lights. Are you confused in choosing the types of light? Don’t you worry; following are the merits of chandelier:

  • Chandelier brings in warmth and welcoming atmosphere for your home. It also provides a sophisticated look for the room.
  • It also comes in various size, shape, styles and color. Giving you lot of options to choose from and selecting the one which compliments your room’s appearance.
  • It helps in saving space; therefore it works well with small room. It prevents fire as well, because it is located away from installation board.

Different types of chandelier designs:

  • Crystal Chandelier- As the name suggests it is made from crystal, bringing elegance in the room. Raindrop crystal chandeliers are one of the most popular designs. Spiral crystal chandelier look flawless for stairway and halls. Avoid using crystal chandelier when you have low got low ceiling, as it takes up lots of space.
  • Candle Chandelier Design- These designs have branches which end up in a candle structure, giving a rustic look to the room. Although now they do not make it with real candles, they make it using LED which is long lasting and more efficient.
  • Modern Chandelier Design- They provide futuristic feel, coming in different sizes, crisp edges and stunning shapes. It can be used anywhere.
  • Traditional Chandelier Design- It combines old-school design with modern design making a unique piece of lighting fixture. They also mix well with traditional and contemporary styles.

The secret in choosing the perfect chandelier lies in these points:

  • The chandelier must always be installed at the center of the room. It provides 360 degree view of the lights, visual symmetry and offers ambient lights.
  • The distance between the ceiling and chandelier should be at least seven feet. Chandelier height should be decided based on the room length.
  • The type of brightness needed, the uplight chandelier or downlight chandelier or ambient chandelier lighting.

Decorating your home with a chandelier will amplify its beauty by many folds. Don’t just select the chandelier based on its look, do your research first.

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