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Is it true that a fresh coat of paint might increase the value of my home?



Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home might boost its value. The smallest investment can sometimes provide the greatest profit.

Interior painting has a 107 percent return on investment (ROI). The paintwork on the outside has a 55 percent return on investment.

What colors should I choose for the interior?

If you’re planning to sell your property, neutral colors are always a good choice. You have no idea what color scheme or furniture color a potential buyer has when they walk in to look. They must be able to imagine their items in a new setting without having to worry about repainting as soon as or before they take possession. As a result, warm neutral hues like tans, gold’s, beiges, creams, or grays should be selected. Extreme darks and whites are too abrupt.

When painting inside my house, what are the room priorities?

The perfect kind of paint can completely transform the look of a room. Some paint colors can make a room appear larger or smaller.

Choose pastel or lighter colors to make a tiny room appear larger. Using the same color on the trim will make the space appear larger. If you want a larger room to appear smaller, use a deeper or warmer color to convey intimacy. Colors and neutrals will brighten the space and help it photograph better.

The entryways, foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms are the most crucial areas to focus on. Check the color in the space to see whether it works. You can do this by painting a swatch on the wall or, if you want to be less intrusive, painting a piece of cardboard and temporarily affixing it to the wall. Examine the example in various lighting to see how it functions.

Baseboards can be highlighted or accented with a brighter hue to make a room shine and provide dimension. These kinds of details tend to stick with buyers.

Consider the paints you want to employ because they have an impact. How well does the paint color stand out? How simple is it to keep things clean? When selecting paints, keep the following points in mind:

On broad walls, eggshell or flat sheens hide unevenness, and nail pops well.

The greatest finishes for stain resistance and longevity are semi-gloss and satins. Handprints and dust are easier to remove with semi-gloss trim and doors.

For bathrooms (including the ceiling and trim), semi-gloss and eggshell are the finest options.

When choosing paints, keep the cost in mind, cheaper paints usually require more applications and may not apply as smoothly. Spend a few additional bucks on high-quality paint, or if that isn’t a possibility, get something in the middle of the two.

What about my home’s exterior?

 If your home is brick, you may not need to paint it, but those with siding or stucco may.

You should never use more than three colors on the exterior of your house. The 60-30-10 rule states that the body of the home should be 60%, garage doors should be 30%, and front door and/or trim should be 30%, and shutters and/or 10%.

A home with neutral colors and white and dark trim truly pops and comes to life. It’s time to repaint when the exterior paint starts to crack, chip, or peel. If you want your homes inside or exterior painted, contact a Texas painting firm.

To choose a trendy color scheme, do some research to discover what colors will be on-trend for the next several years. Homeowners can paint the trim around windows, doors, garage doors, and other areas of the house, but whole-house painting is best left to professionals who have the necessary equipment to complete the task quickly.

Visit repaintingtexas.com for accent wall painting. A bright accent wall against white walls might appear very futuristic and even harsh.

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