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Is It Worth It to Clean Your Ducts?



Duct cleaning is becoming more popular in order to effectively clear up the large quantities of dust that have collected in the ducts around the house. Is this form of furnace repair, however, worth the money and time? Depending on the amount of dust in your house, it may be well worth having done, but duct cleaning may be an unnecessary expense in certain cases. The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States has advised households to have their air ducts cleaned only as required, rather than on a regular basis. There are a few things to think about before getting the ducts in HVAC systems cleaned, as well as certain conditions that need it.

Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning air ducts, including how frequently it should be done and how to do it quickly and efficiently.

What exactly is duct cleaning?
Duct cleaning often refers to the numerous air systems inside the house that include cooling and heating components (HVAC systems). Air handling units, dryers, grilles and diffusers, fan housing, and fan motors are examples of HVAC systems that may be cleaned. When these systems are built and operational, dust particles and other types of waste may quickly build. If the impurities that collect in these systems include moisture, mould might form, affecting the air quality in the residence. Any mould development may emit pollutants, which can trigger allergic responses and increase susceptibility to other infections.

In terms of dryer duct build-up, the duct should be cleaned out on a regular basis so that clothing may dry properly without blockage and fire concerns associated with dryers are reduced. Because of these many concerns, many homeowners employ professionals to clean their cooling and heating systems.

When should you clean your ducts?
Because certain personal and chronic illnesses vary from house to house, keeping ducts clean on a regular basis may help some homeowners while becoming a needless effort for others. If many members in your home suffer from allergies or are allergic to dust, having your ducts cleaned will be beneficial. If you find someone in your family suffering from an unknown ailment, examine the dust buildup on your home’s air systems, since this might be the cause. Cleaning your ducts may be important if you haven’t cleaned them in years. Otherwise, if no one in your home suffers from allergies or if you just hired a firm to clean them, you may not need to have your ducts cleaned.

Situations in which duct cleaning is required
Although duct cleaning isn’t always essential, there are several scenarios in which having your ducts and HVAC systems cleaned might be beneficial or necessary. Among these scenarios are:

Animal infestations: If there is evidence of an animal infestation in your house and nesting inside your HVAC systems, you should remove the animals carefully and call a service provider to clean up the mess they left behind.
Mould: If there is obvious evidence of mould development within your HVAC system’s ducts, it should be cleaned right away.
Renovations: If you have remodelled your house and the ventilation systems were not properly sealed throughout the remodelling process, you should consider having your ducts cleaned. This will remove considerable quantities of dust and lead paint, preventing any of these particles from being lodged in your HVAC systems as a consequence of the remodelling.
Excessive dust: Excessive dust and other particles may accumulate over time. Cleaning out your HVAC vents with expert assistance will help you get rid of dust buildup.
Explicit illness: Allergy symptoms might appear when the duct systems are very unclean or mouldy. Whether you notice these symptoms in your home, you should have your vents and HVAC system ducts evaluated by a professional to determine if they need to be cleaned or replaced.

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