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Life Hacks for Hiding Wires and Technology



However, electrical wiring may be a difficulty in interior design at times. Cords dangling from the wall, ceiling, or floor give a cluttered appearance in your home.

Improper wire arrangement endangers one’s safety.
Improper wire or cable placement or installation might be more than just an aesthetic issue. Wiring extensions on the floor might provide tripping risks, resulting in accidents. Always keep occupant safety in mind while arranging electrical connections.

When it comes to wiring difficulties that you can no longer manage and that represent possible safety hazards, make it a point to bring in electrical specialists.

Try these life tips for hiding cables and technology:

  1. Use a basket to store wires and small gadgets.
    Make it a habit to recycle empty containers such as baskets around your house or business. Instead of tossing them away, you may put them to good use by storing your unsightly wires and routers. Keep your extension wires within the basket when not in use to reduce clutter.

Small equipment, such as shredders, also fit well in a basket. This manner, you may use the item whenever you want without having to take it out of the closet every time.

Cover your storage baskets for a more ornamental appearance, or conceal them under the table or at the back of the TV set to fit in with your décor.

  1. Design a unique box charging station.
    Phone chargers may contribute to clutter in your home. It may potentially cause injuries if someone stumbles over it. Making your own charging station for your mobile devices helps keep your house or business looking nice and tidy.

Style a shoebox or file box, or seek for one with a more appealing appearance. Make holes in the box for the charges. When the box is complete, insert the extension cables and loop them through the appropriate holes.

  1. Take use of drawers near power outlets.
    If you have drawers near power outlets, you may utilise them to address your décor issues. Connect the cables from behind the drawers so they are hidden. You may conceal printers within drawers or set up a charging station for mobile devices.
  2. Use sticky hooks to keep your computer cable in place.
    Using adhesive hooks is a simple technique to keep dirty desktop wire off the working surface. Stores provide a selection of sticky hooks to meet your unique requirements.

Attach the hooks under the table or carefully line them along the table’s rear frame. If there are any extra wires, roll them neatly in a place where no one can see them. A larger hook, such as a teacup hook, will be handy for hanging a desktop file basket.

  1. Hide the wire between the carpet and the baseboard.
    This is maybe the simplest technique to conceal cables that run down floors. This wire-covering method is perfect for spaces with wall-to-wall carpeting. Avoid using sharp items that might cut the wire while pushing it under the baseboard. A paint stir stick or a ruler works well.
  2. Use plastic wraps to conceal unsightly wiring.
    You may use a variety of plastic covers to conceal electrical wiring for water heaters or lighting fixtures along walls or ceilings.

Cover the wiring for the TV, computer, lampshades, and other equipment by running the cloth along the wall. Plastic covers may also be painted to fit the aesthetics of your wall or ceiling.

  1. Consider utilising a cord cover.
    If you are unable to conceal your electrical wires behind anything, you may always use a cord cover.

Cord coverings are available in a variety of colours; choose one that complements your walls or ceilings to conceal the cables. Electrical cord coverings may be purchased online or at a local hardware shop. Find a paintable cover for a more personalised fit.

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