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Different Types Of The Door Handle



Handles attach to objects that can be moved or controlled by hand. A handle must have the following requirements: It must be strong enough to support or transmit the force required, it must be long enough for the hands to grip it and it should have a small circumference that allows for a firm grip. Although many tools and objects can have handles, this article will focus on different types of the door handle.

Lever On Backplate

This is the most basic type of door handle. This handle is used for doors that do not need to be locked. It is a handle/lever with a backplate. This pushes the spindle through the door. The spindle allows the door to open. These handles are traditional and can have a simple lever with a backplate, a handle with a lock, or a thumb turn. They are most often used in bathrooms. There are many styles of backplates, depending on where the door is located and what decor you want.

Lever On Rose

A lever on a rose is another type of handle. The handle connects to the door via a circular or square rose. For aesthetic reasons, the rose covers any fixtures. Roses are usually smaller than backplates and come with no locks. However, if locks are required, locks can be attached separately and covered with a decorative plate to give the rose a smooth finish.

D Pull Handle

D Pull handles are for doors that aren’t hinged and open inwards. They are mounted externally on the door. They can be curved with straight edges or curved with extensions at ends, these are then called T handles; you can buy T handles for industrial use.

Flush Pull Handle

Most commonly, flush handles (or recessed handles) are used on pocket doors and sliding glass doors. These handles are flush with the door’s surface and recessed so doors can slide in and off without obstruction. They may have locks for patio doors with sliding glass, or they could be unlocked.


Doorknobs can be spherical or other shapes. They attach to a latch bolt, which opens the door when the knob turns. If required, they can be paired with locks for added security.

Thumb Turns

The thumb turns are equipped with a deadbolt and a latch bolt operated by an exterior handle. The thumb turn rotates and moves the bolts in and out of the lock. They are often used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Because they can be opened from the outside with a coin, thumb turns can be used to protect privacy and security. You can choose from locking knobs or lever handles.


The location of the door and its purpose will determine the type of handle that is best. Is the door required to have a lock that is secure or not? First, a doorknob is more suitable than a lever attached to a backplate. Germs are another important consideration. Many infections are spread by door handles. Some materials such as silver, copper, and brass slowly poison germs to combat this. Although the exact mechanism is not known, it is believed to occur via the oligodynamic effects. This is the reaction of metals to proteins in microorganisms. Within eight hours, copper and brass handles can disinfect themselves from many doors handle bacteria. This effect is not seen in other materials like stainless steel or aluminum. Door handles that are self-disinfecting can be helpful in hospitals and other buildings. This may play a role in deciding the material to be used.

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