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Edge Protection System in High-Rise Buildings



In recent decades, the rise of urbanization has resulted in an increase construction of tall commercial buildings. This is because of the limited space available in densely built-up areas.

The increasing number of urban dwellers has led to mixed-use buildings becoming more important. High-rise building is no longer limited to the financial and commercial sectors. High-rise buildings are now widely accepted as a way to manage the increasing population of city dwellers.

Recent research was conducted by Expert to help better understand high-rise construction and commercial buildings. It focused on productivity, safety, formwork, falsework, and other issues. It surveyed general and specialty contractors and engineers to determine where temporary works might have a significant influence on these projects.

In the context of increasing urbanization and the findings from research, debris protection, on-site health, and safety were identified as top concerns by contractors. Cast concrete constructions have a greater chance of debris settling on the edge, especially if the slabs extend beyond the building’s footprint.

The importance of ensuring that edge protection for roof is in use will increase as cities across the globe become more stunning.

Protection Is a Priority

It goes without saying that safety and health are paramount in the construction industry. An M20 nut falling on 12 floors can gain 50 joules of energy. A human skull can be fractured by more than 14 joules. It is essential that the edges are protected.

Contractors face tremendous pressure to get developments completed on time and within budget. It is easy for health and safety hazards to arise when there are so many subcontractors, teams, and timeframes involved in a construction project.

There are many risk factors to be aware. It is important to protect pedestrian walkways in areas of limited space and inner city areas from falling objects. Workers on the ground, who might be transporting products from one point or another, need to be protected from the building work. Falls from height are the number one cause of fatal accidents among those who work in the EU’s construction industry. Another issue is the need to ensure neighboring buildings don’t get damaged. A contractor could face a heavy penalty and dispute.

In summary, the construction industry is responsible for making the safety of people a top priority. Most people are familiar with debris netting as a solution to prevent falling objects. It is typically made from heavy-duty, durable plastic netting. It helps catch dust and other falling objects, which can cause discomfort and eye injuries. For some projects, just the debris net will be enough. It’s safe and effective at containing debris. The net is also versatile, making it easy and cost-effective to use.

Safety screens are the best way to ensure safety and health.

The Optional Safety Screen System

A safety screen system offers maximum debris sealing. It provides perimeter edge protection for site personnel and prevents falls from height. Safety screens also offer ventilation and can protect workers against wind and rain. This ultimately helps reduce downtime.

The other benefits include the ability to reduce vertigo among workers, and further improve productivity. Contractors will benefit greatly from a multi-level safety screen.

Contractors should consider many factors when specifying a safety-screen system. The space available will determine whether safety screens arrive pre-assembled or are built on-site. Systems arriving ready-assembled may depend on the capabilities and abilities of the workers.

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